Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care is the care you get while you are pregnant. This care is provided by a team of doctors, professionals, physician, nurse practitioners, nurse, family counselor and nutritionist. The goal of prenatal care is to monitor the progress of a pregnancy, answer questions, provide support and education and prepare for the delivery and the birth of a child.

All mothers benefit from prenatal care. Women who see a health care provider regularly during pregnancy have healthier babies, and are less likely to deliver prematurely, and less likely to have other serious problems related to pregnancy. Coos County Family Health Services offers a team approach to help you through the progress of your pregnancy and after your delivery.

During prenatal visits, our health care team will:

  • Teach you about pregnancy and plan for delivery
  • Monitor any medical conditions you may have
  • Monitor progress of pregnancy
  • Refer you to services such as a support group, WIC program, and childbirth education classes

As soon as you think that you are pregnant, call your health care provider to schedule for your first prenatal care appointment. During your pregnancy it is important you attend all your prenatal care appointments. As part of our Prenatal Program CCFHS also offers a Mom and Newborn Home Visit. Our Home Health nurse, Elaine Perreault, RN, will contact you soon after delivery to schedule a home visit.

During the Home Visit the Nurse will:

  • Perform a Postpartum and Newborn Health Assessment
  • Measure and weigh your baby
  • Listen to the lungs and heart rate
  • Help you with any breastfeeding / bottle feeding questions you may have
  • Help you with any concerns you have about wound care, contraception, nutritional needs and offer community resources

Contact Elaine at (603) 752-2040

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