Pharmacy Program

Pharmacy Program

Are you finding it difficult to afford your prescription medications?

Ask us!

We will help you find which program is right for you. CCFHS has a list of medications that are available at low prescription prices for our clients. Most programs require eligibility.

If you need assistance with your prescription medication, please ask your health care provider about our programs. For more information please call:

Page Hill Office: Jodi Nite at 603-752-2900
Gorham Office: Kristy Begin at 603-466-2741
Pleasant St Office: Sheree Fillds at 603-752-2040
Pharmacy Supervisor: Jodi Nite at 603-752-2040

CCFHS provides nearly $3 million in free or reduced cost pharmaceuticals each year.

NH Guidelines for the Disposal of Unneeded Medicine in Homes

6 Steps to Help Prevent Pollution, Poisonings, and Drug Abuse!

  1. Pour medicine into a sealable plastic bag.
  2. If the medicine is solid, add a small amount of water to dissolve it.
  3. Add coffee grounds, kitty litter, or something similar to the liquid medicine in the plastic bag.
  4. Seal the bag and immediately dispose of it in the trash.
  5. Use a marker to black out any personal information on the empty medicine container prior to disposing of it in the trash.
  6. For more information, consult Medicine Disposal Information for New Hampshire. Disposal information for household generated sharps may also be found at the above site.

Do NOT flush medicine down the toilet unless accompanying product information instructs otherwise. Don’t keep unneeded medications in the home.

Medicine collection events staffed by law enforcement, if readily available, are also good options for safely disposing of unwanted medicine.

Poison Control

In case of an accidental poisoning or for information about your medications, call the poison center at 1-800-222-1222.

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